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Millet Bajji Mix

Tasty alterneat

At 'alterneat' - Explore whole range of ALTERNatives to your favorite EATs in a Healthy Avatar. Millet based alternatives for your Daily Breakfast, Responsible Snacking options to turn yourself into a Smart Snacker and Many More Tasty Alternatives for Healthy Living

Smart Atta

Smart Attas are for Smart People who are already into healthy diet and know what is just right for them. These No-Blend Attas are made from finest Whole Wheat OR Millet grains, using Low Heat Stone Chakki for Best Nutrition Retention.

Millets Beginner Atta

Millet Beginner Attas are for Beginners who want to Start a Healthy diet, but New to Millets. These Attas are Tasty Blends of Chakki Wheat flour as a major portion and Sorghum/Pearl/Finger Millets flours as minor portion with the same Ease of Roti Making.

Millets Balance Atta

Millets Balance Attas are for those who needs a Healthy Balance in their diet and are not regular to Millets. These Attas are blend of chakki Wheat flour and Sorghum/Pearl/Finger Millet flour with equal portions for Enriched Taste & Health.

Millets Benefit Atta

Millet Benefit Attas are for those who are in Millet Diet and want Max Nutri Benefits. These Attas are blend of Sorghum/Pearl/Finger Millet flours as major portion and a minor portion of Wheat flour for ease of making roti.